The queue outside the trail room

It was one of those happy days when I decided to take out time to shop from the malls in Delhi. As someone who stays in a tier 3 city with barely any malls to shop from, I was really looking forward to the day. Went to my favorite brand inside the mall, picked an exciting bunch of collection and carefully placed them in the shopping basket and headed towards the trail room.

Lo and behold all my excitement flew away the moment I saw the long queue outside the trial room. And what better way to kill time than open one of the social media accounts.  Browsed instragram, hopped to facebook , saw some familiar faces take up new roles in Linkedin . Oh I was so bored as I dragged the shopping basket ! Finally I was the next in the queue. Finally ! but that moment of joy lasted only for  a while as I realized the one before me had a huge assortment to try and moreover she put on every piece( she must me in her early 30’s), opened the room and asked for the opinion of her husband / boyfriend for every piece that she had on the basket! Even for a casual pair of trousers!

More than being irritated, it got me thinking …..are we choosing fashion that reflects our personality and identity or clothes also have become a medium where we are trying to find the approval of another? Are we dressing up to make ourselves happy?

PS: The boyfriend/husband was clearly embarrassed seeing the impatient faces in the queue as the girl came out for the 7thtime.