I Am Enough Leggings leg105

I Am Enough Leggings leg105

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A person who practices self-love will not depend on others to be happy and it is an empowering feeling to be happy on the inside.  No one will be able to take away your power!

The external environment no longer controls such a person and he/she becomes indagenous(can grow in any environment) and not indigenous ( can grow in a specific environment). Isn't that a liberating feeling? GRL PWR for us is empowerment via self love and not found in concepts such as "crush the patriarchy." When you love yourself , you know how to honour your feelings and that becomes your north star ,guiding you through every decision in life.

Rs 5 from your purchase will be donated to further our mission of spreading the word of self love to the world and asking parents to help children accept themselves just as how they are . Because every life is perfect as is. 

Key features:

  • Soft cotton
  • Water based print
  • Anti Bubble 
  • Comfortable fit

Brand - The Sandbox Clothing Co.
Type - Girls Pack of 2 leggings - Navy and Red
Fabric - Cotton
Pattern - GRL PWR/ Polka dots
Occasion - Casual Wear
Fit - Regular Fit

Product Description:
Comfortable girls leggings 

Items Included in the Package:
Two Leggings

Product pairing ideas - Red leggings with white/black/purple top

                                    - Navy Leggings with white/blue/red/pink top

Country of Origin: India