Children who are brought up without boundaries

Children learn from their parents and if we as parents are unable to set boundaries , they will learn the same.
Boundaries are important in raising a child and it could range from having a set bed time to now allowing use to ensuring that they respect everyone in the house.
When parents are not able to assert boundaries it could lead to many problems in children growing up.
Effects of Boundary Problems in Children
Unable to solve conflicts: Growing up without boundaries could result in a child not learning how to assertive. They may avoid conflict, which could lead to them taking responsibility for actions they did not do. They also may not confront their problems, and instead allow themselves to be controlled in unhealthy ways in order to do so.
Unable to stand up for themselves. This is connected to the need to avoid conflicts. Because of a desire to avoid conflict, they will not stand up for themselves in order to shut the conflict down. This could lead to them taking responsibility for the actions of others.
Risk becoming narcissistic. Most children have a touch of narcissism growing up, but boundaries help to prevent that narcissism from leaking into adulthood. Without boundaries to show them that the world does not revolve around them, then they will continue to think they should get everything they want in adulthood.
Often engage in unhealthy relationships. If children don't learn how to set boundaries from their parents, there's a good chance they won't learn how to do it. This can lead to a lack of boundaries in the relationships children have later in their adult life. The child may be unable to say no to others, may be easily manipulated, may struggle to be honest with those they are close to, and may be attracted to toxic people. All of these factors lead to unhealthy relationships that cannot be sustained. The lack of boundaries could also lead to an inability to get close to others and express intimacy.
Lack of motivation. When children aren't taught how to set boundaries, they lack the skills to strategize and get organized. This can result in an inability to accomplish their goals. They will often lack follow-through, instead deciding not to put forth the effort to achieve their goals if they can't just be handed to them.
Lack of confidence. This is what most of these other effects are caused by. The lack of confidence set by their childhood will often lead to these children not being able to take any form of risk later in life. This can stem from a lack of identity that forms when children are not submitted to a set of boundaries that teaches them how to constructively make choices.
Often, parents who don't set boundaries mean well, but it's important to know that in the long term, these children are suffering from the lack of authority they need from their parents. Growing up with the authority provided by setting boundaries allows children to feel safe and to learn maturity, patience, and adaptability.