Our Story



The Sandbox Clothing Co emerged as an idea after founder, Gunjan Jhunjhunwala ,decided to make self love revolution her mission in life. A series of incidents in her life left her with no option but to go within and learn the lesson which life was trying to teach her – Love yourself first

Welcome to the self love revolution.


Our founder


From studying in college such as SRCC, Delhi and ISB ,Hyderabad to working with companies such as Google , to starting up a clothing brand to getting married to the one whom she dated for ten years to having a beautiful baby, she was following the regular “happily ever after." However, life had other plans. Her five year marriage fell apart and she also lost rights to her 6 year old startup. All she was left was herself and a three month baby.
She felt very lost and started seeking answers everywhere - in books, in meditation, in yoga and on the internet. After two long years of some serious self work, she realized that she hadn’t really learnt to love herself as a child. She realized how magical the act of self love is and claimed her power back.


Meet The Sandbox Clothing Co.

As a mother she wanted her daughter to love herself whole heartedly and that starts with our bodies. She wanted to dress her daughter up to celebrate herself. Wearing what is true to us and not just wearing to fit in is an act of self love. Clothes after all are our second skin. However, she was finding it very difficult to find clothes that would meet her expectation. So she started designing it for her daughter. Her daughter loved them, felt super amazing about her and would often check herself out in the mirror. (P.S – 2 year old!)
Soon friends and family started placing requests for clothes to her.  So, she decided to reach out to other mothers with whom the designs would resonate and spread the message of self love. Thus began – The Sandbox Clothing Co. This brand, this movement is to empower our kids to love themselves. Accept them selves just how they are. The Sandbox Clothing Co. aims to leave the next generation with this message:
You are more than your size
You are more than your possessions
You are more than your grades
You are more than your talents
You are more than your achievements
You are more than your relationships
You are more than enough


Our Mission


We are on a mission to create an ecosystem to empower children to love and be themselves without comparison and thus unleash their unique potential