Since times immemorial, skin color has been one of the major factors on how a person is going to be judged by the society. From matrimonial ads to face cream commercials , fair skin is preferred. In India, colorism is rampant. Darker-skinned Indians, especially women, face discrimination at work, at school — even in love. Some arranged marriage websites let families filter out prospective brides by skin tone. This privilege of lighter skinned persons over dark-skinned persons is called colorism.
Infact , when women are pregnant, they are told to eat specific foods for a fair coloured baby . This obsession  definitely leaves the ones with darker complexion feeling under confident and some suffer with low self esteem and insecurity  for the rest of their lives.  Not to mention that kids who are dark have to face a lot of comments and bias ( yes , sometimes other kids refuse to mingle with the dark complexioned ones )and that can have a very bad impact on them for the rest of their lives. Some even start defining their worth by the color of their skin.
While ads like fair and lovely have been banned , colourism in india will not go away till we are change our perspective towards it. We, at The Sandbox Clothing Co, really want to do our bit to change this obsession with fair skin.
Have you ever been discriminated basis your skin color? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.