So I went to keep up a promise I made to myself

On my recent trip to Goa with thirty other cousins, I realized how self love had transformed me in small ways. I no longer abandon my desires for the sake of others or for the sake of fitting in.

Goa being little rainy around this time of the year, none of the people of my age were interested in going to the beach . They wanted to hang out in the villa. However, for me a trip to Goa is always incomplete without going to the beach. So, I decided to go even if that meant going alone.  There were a bunch of younger cousins - 15 year old’s who were interested too.

Some in the group teased that now I will now hang out with kids half my age. Some gave alternatives like we will play poker which will be so much more fun than the beach. It was me against fifteen others. But I stood my ground. Not because I got adamant but because finally I have learnt how important it is to respect what I, Gunjan, want to do even if I do not have a majority buy in.

For me, going to the beach is Goa.

So, I went to the beach. So, I went with 15 year olds.

So, I went and played with the waves.

So , I went and got hair braiding done.

So, I went and drank chilled beer.

So, I went even if it wasn’t the perfect weather.

So, I went to keep up a promise I made to myself.