Love Thyself

Know Thyself 
Accept Thyself 
Love Thyself 
No matter what you have done 
Where you have been , 
know, accept , 
and love who you are 

                                                                       - Ivanla Vanzant

    We follow the SAND model to achieve our mission 

 S = School Drive
   A = Action-Mation
             N = New Morning Ritual
       D  = Donation Drive
The Sandbox School Drive
We send out “Action-Mation” cards to schools as we believe this is a great way of reaching out at a large scale.  This is our way of giving back . On every order that you place with us , rupee one is donated towards this cause. Incase you run a school and would like to get these cards, do reach out to us at

The Sandbox Action-Mation(affirmation with action)

In the fast faced world we stay in, it is very likely that kids loose themselves in the rat race. Affirmations are a great way to change our subconscious thinking. We work closely with child psychologists to come up with ever evolving affirmations. These are called The Sandbox Action-Mations because research shows that affirmations when practiced with action(body movement  and sound) have a much deeper impact. You will receive these Action- Mations from us in either of the two ways:
Paper inserts
We insert these affirmations in the package sent across to you . We encourage you to practice these with your kids using sound and body movement. These can be retained to be put on the study table, stuck on the mirror etc and can serve as a great reminder through the day.
Wash care with self care labels
At other times, these “Action-Mations” are stitched next to the wash care label of the garment. 
The Sandbox Employee Morning Ritual
Before gratitude, we at Sandbox, teach our kids to practice Self Love.  The first thing the child does once out of bed is to head to the mirror, look into the eye and say  “I love you, I really love you ”
Annie doing her morning ritual :
The Sandbox Donation Drive
A portion of your order value goes towards those the education of those children who are not able to meet the basic necessities of life.